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Qasaro, earlier Hjärter Dam, part of Klöver Knekt AB has been offering cleaning services in Stockholm for 15 years. Our operations are divided in reoccurring cleaning (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly), deep cleaning, window cleaning, move out cleaning and commercial cleaning.

We love to build long and strong relationships both with our cleaners and our clients, as well as between our cleaners and our clients. Since we have worked with our cleaners for a long time and they are all full time hires we can guarantee you the same cleaner every time, same weekdays, same time.

Qasaro is a highly recommended company with a perfect score of 5/5 on Reco.se, Sweden’s largest platform for customer testimonials.

Personalized, Personal and Digital

We always start with a free personal meeting where we agree on what needs to be done, how often and how long time it will take. You only pay for the time we work. Our services are tailored to your needs and can also include other home chores such as recycling, ironing, or doing the laundry.


We manage all your data in Sweden’s leading ERP system for cleaning services to secure effectivity, GDPR compliance and safety for your data. This also allows us to offer you personalized and tailored services and to follow up each cleaning through digital processes and checklists. And of course, offer you several online payment solutions.

Special Promotions

We now offer 30% off on first cleaning and 10% off on all weekly cleaning.

We also offer you an hourly price reduction for each new client you recruit that signs up for reoccurring cleaning.

Call now: 08 - 519 70 500

Our Values

  • Working conditions: We believe that happy staff leads to happy customer. All our cleaners have collective agreements, insurances, paid holidays and benefits. Our company follows all industry organization standards and requirements as part of Almega and Svenskt Näringsliv.
  • Sustainability and Social Responsibility: Our staff strives to travel only in environmentally friendly ways and all our cleaning materials are eco-labeled and included for free in our service. We are also a proud sponsor of Barncancerfonden in their fight against cancer among children.
  • Security and confidentiality: Both your security and confidentiality are extremely important to us. Therefore, we have duty confidentiality regarding everything that concerns you and your home, follow GDPR regulations, keep your keys in safe storage, your information encrypted and have full liability insurance.

Why hire us?

We have long experience of cleaning services, have learned about all the requirements that our customers might have and decided to guarantee we live up to each one of them.

100% satisfaction guaranteed.
If there is anything you are not satisfied with, we fix it right away. We are so confident that you will be satisfied that we offer free cancellation at any time, no binding time and payment is always done after the cleaning.
All our employees are fully insured during both working hours and traveling to and from work. Qasaro also has liability insurance with Trygghansa and is responsible for any damage caused by our staff.
Experienced Cleaners
All our cleaners are both trained and experienced, Swedish residents and/or citizens, have 5-20 years’ experience of cleaning, out of which at least 3 years in Sweden according to the highest standards. Simply put – less than 1 in 100 cleaners in Sweden meet our standards.
Fully updated

We use eco-labeled materials, choose environmentally friendly ways of travel and are probably the most digitalized cleaning company in Sweden, from our internal administration, processes and customer support and run an active work to minimize our climate impact.

Covid-19 safe
Most of our staff are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 and you may choose a vaccinated cleaner. Our cleaners will also wear a visor and/or face mask if required.
Vi simplify
You can reach us by phone, email, IOS/Android App or chat and customer portal. You always pay after the cleaning is done with your preferred payment method. We take care of all RUT deduction administration with the Tax Agency.

All promotions are calculated on our standard prices including VAT before RUT deduction. Promotions cannot be combined.

What our customers say

FAQ – Common Questions

No, but you are welcome to if you want or need to.

Of course, we love pets! We will write that in your profile, so the cleaner is aware of that.


As standard we clean all rooms, including kitchen, toilet, and bathroom. If you need extra care with some parts of your household or have special cleaning materials you wish us to use on certain surfaces, just let us know.

In all rooms we vacuum floors, radiators, carpets, upholstered furniture. We wipe moldings, electrical contacts, handles, doors and door frames as high as we can reach, dust windowsills and free surfaces as well as lamps, shelves and accessible picture frames. We polish mirrors, make beds, empty trash, and damp mop floors.

In bathroom and toilet we also clean the bath, shower and toilet, wipe stains of the walls and wipe bathroom cabinets and appliances.

In the kitchen we also wipe kitchen doors, cooking fan and outside of appliance, clean the sink and kitchen counter, stove and wall behind stove and sink. We clean inside the microwave and the outside and inside of the rubbish bin cabinet and empty the rubbish.

At move out cleaning we offer the deepest type of cleaning where, except everything included in the standard cleaning we also clean the shower drains, ventilations, walls, ceilings and windows.

We also clean the oven, washing machine, dishwasher, behind and inside the fridge and under the bathtub. Since part of the work is done on a ladder a minimum of two cleaners must be present. If the new owner has any objections we rectify these for free.

For deep cleaning and one-time cleaning, we charge 590 SEK per hour including VAT. That is 295 SEK after RUT tax deduction. If you plan to book reoccurring cleaning we do though offer 30% off on first cleaning.

If you choose monthly, bi-weekly or weekly cleaning the price goes down to 265, 255 and 245 respectively. We now also offer an additional 10% off when you choose weekly cleaning.

For move out cleaning we charge a fixed fee of 110 SEK per sqm including VAT, meaning 55 SEK after RUT tax deduction.

It means that when you recommend someone else, they get 50% off on the first cleaning and you get 20 SEK off (10 SEK after RUT tax deduction) on your hourly rate when they sign up for weekly or bi-weekly cleaning. The new price will keep as long as they stay with us!